MeeMoe Company
Safe & Simple- All Ages & Abilities

We bring  safety and simple brushing to ALL Ages & Abilities across the world!  The Lucky Brush is a uniquely shaped safety tooth brush.  The handle is designed with nubs for easing teething discomfort and helps improve gum circulation and simple to grasp and hold on to.  Our customers love that anyone can use the brush.  The Lucky Brushes are easy for our little ones to hold on to and they can't choke themselves! Dental Professionals all over the Nation love seeing the Lucky Brush finally coming to market for our retail customers. Lucky Brushes have been spotted on local mom's ecommerce sites as well as Amazon, Pediatric Dental Offices, General Dental Practices and Elderly Care Facilities. Patients with Arthritis and suffering from hand dexterity impairments appreciate the ease of use.  The Brushes are made of food grade material and currently available in four colors.

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